Hispanic Arborist Association, where your safety and education matters. 

Asociacion de Arboristas Hispanos,

donde su seguridad y educacion es lo mas importante         __________________________________________________________________________


Dixon Lake Park in Escondido CA.

Saturday October 2nd and Sunday October 3rd.

Bring the family, fishing, camping, music, prizes, dancing...did I say dancing? Four events, Footlock, Work climb, Aerial rescue, and Belayed speed climb.

We include the ground man!! el Chalan!!


Thank you for visiting the Hispanic Arborist Association website. We are dedicated to the safety, education and advancement of the Hispanic tree worker.
 Our goal is to promote safety, education, and advancement of our friends and members that are actually performing tree work.
Understanding our culture and being able to conduct training sessions in Spanish will be to the advantage of our members.
When there is a language barrier, it usually means someone gets left behind. This will not happen at our training sessions.
Join us as an individual member at $40.00 a year or as a company member at $150.00 per year and receive discounts in upcoming training sessions and tree worker seminars.
We will be providing our members a newsletter filled with useful information about safety, climbing techniques and many other topics.....all in Spanish. Additionally, many of the training sessions will be "hands on", a great way to learn for many of us.

TEAM UP WITH US!!!                                             



Que es lo mejor de nuestra Asociacion de Arbolistas Hispanos?

1)Todos nuestros entrenadors hablan Español.

2) Todo entrenamiento sera conducido en Español.

3) Todos los programas seran conducidos por todo el sur de California.

4) Todos nuestros officiales hablan Español.

5) Usted, nuestro miembro, es lo mas importante en nuestra opinion.









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